Possible Winter Storm To Threaten Great Lakes & Northeast By Late Next Week

It has been quite a while since I have even talked about a possible winter event this far south. But it is November, so let’s get started! Lately, well-known weather models such as the euro and the gfs have been picking up on a possible snow event for the Midwest to Northeast. Further more, conditions are actually looking quite favorable for a wintry event around the 14th to 16th for the following reasons.

  • A trough is expected to set-up across the northwest, then back up into Canada, and then take a plunge back down into the northeast. The Climate Prediction Center includes below normal temperatures for the northeast for the 14th though 16th.

  • Highs from the NWS for the 13th, (before the possible event) are in the 30′s and 40′s across the Northeast and Great Lakes.

  • The GFS, EURO, and Canadian for four to six straight runs include significant snows for the Great Lakes and northeast.


p>We will continue to keep an eye on this potential first snow event for many. Updates will continue to be posted every day or two as long as models and forecast continue to include the possibility for this significant event. Just before the event, several updates a day will be issued if needed.

Also, we will create a page just for this storm if models include it tomorrow, because tomorrow will be around a week from the possible event. Thank you for reading and stay tuned! Have a great rest of your day, and  will leave you with our exclusive November 14th Р16th Possible Winter Storm forecast map!


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